2020: In Retrospect


A year that simply seems to charge relentlessly past us, accelerated by the COVID 2019 pandemic and all the ensuring chaos.

It has already been 294 days of lockdowns, fear and increasing helplessness. To the point that it’s simply considered by many to be a “lost” year, despite the promise that it once held. This is especially true for those stuck with me in this tiny nation of Malaysia. It was supposed to be the year we finally get flying cars and ironclad technological superiority.

Instead, we got a deadly pandemic, economic instability and… well… fruitless political games.

While it’s becoming increasingly easy to simply curl up into the fetal position and give up on everything, it probably might be wiser to hold on to the very little of hope that still remains. Because, in spite of everything, life goes on. 2020 will soon give way to 2021.

Even with 2020 being the flustercluck that it is, it shouldn’t be denied that getting to this very day has already taught us so much. With that in mind, it’s best that we look back at the good times past, and look forward to more.

Here’s to hope, promise and new beginnings.

In other news, despite being on ice for almost an entire year after that server move to the great folks at Shinjiru Hosting, this blog is finally up and running again. For the most part anyway. Hopefully things can stay that way.


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