Review: JOI Amazer (MAG15)


JOI Amazer GL7000

RM6600 (MRSP)

Design and Build







  • Balance of performance, mobility and price (with 11.11 discount)
  • Good fit, finish and solid build
  • Per-Key RGB 4th-Gen Opto-Mech keyboard with Project Aurora support
  • Thunderbolt 3
  • Good battery life (93Wh)
  • Customizable options in BIOS
  • 115W-boost capable 90W 2070MQ
  • Continual software/driver support (from Eluktronics/XMG/Intel)
  • Good thermal management
  • Battery charge limiter (Flexi-charge)


  • 9th-Gen i7 with no upgrade option
  • Relatively loud full load fans (no adjustable curves)
  • 75c GPU thermal cap (can be overridden with tweaks)
  • Average built-in speakers
  • Screen locked at 144Hz
  • Picky with TB3 docks/display adapters
  • Huge AC adapter (FSP 230W)
  • Very limited support from JOI

Let’s get this out of the way first, the PRIMARY mis-step JOI made with the Amazer was simply how bad the marketing of the product was. A few reviews from local influencers and sparse social media ads was all it got. Considering JOI’s pre-existing image as a “budget” notebook reseller, people were simply not “buying into” the idea of JOI as a “serious” contender in the gaming notebook space with such limited media coverage.

Additionally, customer support in terms of Drivers and BIOS updates were lacking from JOI’s end. They had no driver webpage or anything similar prepared at all. Thankfully Intel, XMG and Eluktronics do have these pages, and updates are interchangeable between the various QC7 rebrands.

The reliability of JOI’s warranty services is also a relative unknown. The fact that Highpoint (who handles RMA for Acer, Huawei, and MSI) also accepts JOI products for warranty claims does help mitigate this fear, however.

Considering the prices the Amazer was listed at (6.6k MYR / 1.6k USD for 2070MQ and 4.9k MYR / 1.2k USD for the 1660Ti), this was quite a let down. Compared to other QC71 on the market, that was actually a pretty reasonable price.

In short, the overall value preposition behind the Amazer was dependent on how comfortable you were with buying from an “untested” brand with nearly non-existant local support. Which is to say, without that additional 11.11 discount it got in my case, value-wise the Amazer does look a bit less appealing despite the already decent MRSP.

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