Review: JOI Amazer (MAG15)


JOI Amazer GL7000

RM6600 (MRSP)

Design and Build







  • Balance of performance, mobility and price (with 11.11 discount)
  • Good fit, finish and solid build
  • Per-Key RGB 4th-Gen Opto-Mech keyboard with Project Aurora support
  • Thunderbolt 3
  • Good battery life (93Wh)
  • Customizable options in BIOS
  • 115W-boost capable 90W 2070MQ
  • Continual software/driver support (from Eluktronics/XMG/Intel)
  • Good thermal management
  • Battery charge limiter (Flexi-charge)


  • 9th-Gen i7 with no upgrade option
  • Relatively loud full load fans (no adjustable curves)
  • 75c GPU thermal cap (can be overridden with tweaks)
  • Average built-in speakers
  • Screen locked at 144Hz
  • Picky with TB3 docks/display adapters
  • Huge AC adapter (FSP 230W)
  • Very limited support from JOI

So, to answer the initial question, did TongFang and Intel succeed in creating the “Razer Blade Killer” they were aiming to make? Well… largely yes, at least to me.

The QC7/ID-T is probably the most power for the smallest package you’ll ever get in a notebook, especially at around this price range. It also provides other features and options that are often unavailable in other similar notebooks. For example, Project Aurora support and battery charge limiting. These factors make it an almost perfect fit for my mobile, sometimes nomadic computing needs.

The fact that JOI gave their JOI Amazer GL7000 series even better prices than your typical QC7 was just icing on the cake (with the 11.11 discounts even more so). However, JOI’s limited marketing and support effectively ensured that the JOI Amazer never made an impact here in Malaysia the way that it did overseas.

This also makes the JOI Amazer such a hard notebook to actually recommend, despite the rather favourable score I’ve given it. YMMV.

P.S. If you’re interested in one of these, you’re probably better off with Illegear’s New Onyx. Besides only coming with a 2060 (vs the Amazer’s 2070MQ) and Illegear’s branding, they’re pretty much the same exact thing. Price is also only a little bit more than my 11.11 discounted Amazer. Plus it has a longer warranty and relatively better support to boot.

If you’re outside Malaysia, XMG is currently (Nov 2020) selling their Fusion 15 2070MQ at a very attractive price. It’s all part of their Black Friday sales, so maybe it’s worth checking out?

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