Review: Logitech G240 Mousepad

Build Quality and Design


Logitech G240 Mousepad


Build and Design







  • Thinnest "flexible" mousepad around
  • Premium packaging
  • Sticky rubber bottom
  • Very even smooth surface
  • Decently priced


  • Large "G" logo disturbs in use
  • Non-stiched sides
  • Very sparse package
  • Maybe TOO thin for some

Right from the box, the Logitech G240 oozes quality. It comes rolled-up in a premium-looking polygonal cylinder. The packaging feels pretty resistant enough to rough handling and there’s even a small sample of the mat on the bottom for you to test the surface.

Pulling it out, you’re greeted with the mat itself, some documentation… and not much else. To be fair, this is a no frills mat after all (despite its rather premium price). Nonetheless, a Logitech G sticker or two might be an interesting value add here.

The mat itself is a two layer affair. A micro fibre-ish black surface area is mated to a thin sticky blue rubber base. Of course the first thing that jumps out at you is how thin everything is.

The sides of the G240 are not stitched in any way, which is a bit unfortunate. Stitching would ensure that the mat surfaces remain mated together for a much longer period of time. And it shouldn’t be too hard to implement a simple weave without compromising the depth.

On one corner is a bit that I don’t really prefer having: The G logo. It can be at least 50% smaller and still be pretty “visible”. As it is right now all it does is change the “feel” when you mouse over it, which is less than optimal.

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