Review: Logitech G240 Mousepad



Logitech G240 Mousepad


Build and Design







  • Thinnest "flexible" mousepad around
  • Premium packaging
  • Sticky rubber bottom
  • Very even smooth surface
  • Decently priced


  • Large "G" logo disturbs in use
  • Non-stiched sides
  • Very sparse package
  • Maybe TOO thin for some

The thin-ness of the two layer G240 is a magical sight. A drawback is that there is much less “give” to the mat. For normal purposes, it does fine. But if you are the type who “lifts off” frequently (and use heavy mice), it might pose more of an issue.

The micro fiber surface layer works pretty effortlessly with the two mice I threw at it (my battered Razer Orochi V2 and Illegear Fang). It does feel a bit on the “speedy” side, however, as the surface is pretty slick.

The bottom rubber layer is pretty sticky to most surfaces I placed it on. This seems to depend on how slick the surface it’s on is, though. It tends to lose contact (and hike up) easier the more matte the surface is.

Additionally, the rubber does leave a bit of a wierd smell on your fingers. It smells much like racquet grips that are fresh out of their packaging.

The G240 is also easy to roll up for storage, again thanks to how thin it is. Although my preferred method of carrying it around is with a bit of DIY modding (check out below).

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