Review: Logitech G240 Mousepad



Logitech G240 Mousepad


Build and Design







  • Thinnest "flexible" mousepad around
  • Premium packaging
  • Sticky rubber bottom
  • Very even smooth surface
  • Decently priced


  • Large "G" logo disturbs in use
  • Non-stiched sides
  • Very sparse package
  • Maybe TOO thin for some

The Logitech G240 is one of those things that are hard to quantify the value of, to be completely honest. In the first place, the need for specialised “gaming” mats are already pretty subjective.

But if you do have a need for it’s specialised set of features, then the G240 is pretty much the only real player in the “flexible ultra-thin” mat game here in Malaysia.

And considering the fact that you can have it at much lower than MRSP prices online, I can’t help but wholeheartedly recommend the Logitech G240.

P.S. As for how I personally use the G240? I actually cut mine to about 19.5mm length-wise and use it both as a travel mouse mat AND a screen/keyboard protector for my JOI Amazer/MAG15. You can check out the picture below as for how that looks like.

And yes, it does work very well, thanks to that micro-fibre surface, the 1mm thickness and the “give” of the mat. This also means that I do not have to carry the mat around separately, which is a nice bonus.

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